Ukrainian advertisings house

Advertising in Ukraine. Advertising campaigns in Ukraine. Marketing in Ukraine. Full-service advertising agency in Ukraine.




We are:

- full-service advertising agency in Ukraine

- small but perfectly formed team, creative and energetic

We can:

- creative services

- graphic design

- branding, corporate identity

- direct Marketing

- media Buying

- outdoor Advertisings production

- printing

- website design

- exhibition stands design and production

- radio ads, radio advertising campaigns

- radio spots production

- below the line services




We are a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Ukraine. We provide an integrated service, covering any or all of your communication needs. From strategic planning through to concept development and execution of all your communication plans in Ukraine.


Like to know more?

Ukrainian advertisings house

Podilska, 93 Khmelnitskiy

29000 Ukraine

Tel.: +38 067 671 3009

Fax.: +38 0382 78 32 35

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